Monday, June 2, 2008

My hair, my statement

About 4 years ago, I made the decision to no longer relax my hair and to let it grow as it was intended to grow: nappy, natural, lustrous, and healthy. Four years later, I am still learning about my hair: how to take care of it, how to be comfortable with it, how to master the different natural hairstyles, and how to let it speak about freedom, pride, uniqueness, and self-confidence. What puzzles me is that apparently simple decision to stay away from chemicals had, indeed, very little to do with hair; for, my whole perception of glamour, womanhood, and beauty has evolved into a degree of emancipation that I had never experienced before.


rosanna said...

Hi Pascale!

I love your blog!! I understand very well how you feel about your hair. I also have very thick wavy "bad hair"..the thing is that I do not want to have to relax it and bleach it everytime! it's crazy plus time comsuming. my big problem is when i meet my family, they think i'm not taking care of my self and that i look "crazy" lol I got to give you some pictures of my natural hair, it is to me, beautifull. When I see yours, i see a beautiful intelligente woman who is confortable with herself. Keep it up! ;-)

Enise said...

Hi Pascale!

I love your blog. I want to go natural with my hair; what steps did you take to get remove the perm? How are the children?